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Easy to use and fits in the palm of your hand. Meet the world's first decode-based gene scanner.



GENESCAN was designed to make the work of storing, retrieving, and analyzing genomic data easier and more efficient. Our product is simply a state of the art innovation that fits a variety of research settings. We provide advanced genomic technology at your fingertips - literally and figuratively speaking!

Decode-Based Scanner

Genome sequences often present computational challenges to storage and retrieval. GENESCAN creates and decodes sequences based on two-dimensional matrices, providing fast readability and greater storage capacity compared to traditional methods.

Touchscreen Technology

GENESCAN provides a quality interface with a touch responsive surface. Direct navigation and accessibility through physical touch control eliminates the need for a traditional computer mouse and keyboard.

Genome Analytics

While GENESCAN makes storage and retrieval a practical exercise, it is not its only function. It contains over 15 genomic analytical tools used in everyday research settings.

Network Enabled

Share your research with ease. Developed for small- or large-scale multi-user research environments. Accessible via computer networks and mobile devices.

Device Specs

Stop wasting time and money on traditional genomic software that does not meet the modern standards for performance, efficiency, and ease of use. GENESCAN combines proficient software with practical hardware solutions.

Pricing may vary

Hardware upgrades and customization available.

  • 3.5" or 7" Touchscreen Unit(s)
  • 32 GB Storage Capacity
  • Mini HD Camera Scanner
  • 4 USB, HDMI, Ethernet Ports
  • Wireless and Bluetooth Pairing
  • Cross-System Compatible
  • Accesible via Mobile Devices
  • Supports Most Label Printers
  • 15+ Genomic Analysis Tools
  • Internal & External Databases
  • Configured to BLAST NCBI DBs
  • Runs Auto Versioning Updates

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